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Recent spate of SPAM Answered


I find this topic rather ironic.

Why is this still here?

. Maybe it's another "Dremel account". Ie, an affiliation that is not announced to the community until ppl start bitching.

Or affiliation that isn't announced to the community ever because we'll forget about it in a little while? L

Needless to say, I took the polite way about making it known that I don't like spam. Yes, I also joined the SPAM Hunters group.

How do they even make money from spamming something? I think that they'd LOOSE money because they get so many people angry.

. You will seldom see a reputable business that depends on repeat customers do much SPAMming - as you say, it's a good way to lose customers. If the SPAMmers can get just one person to click the link and buy something, the 5-10 minutes to post the SPAM is time well spent.

But the way I see it, the other hundreds of people who see the ad and get annoyed by it turn away from the product they try to market. So.... I don't know I just think that spamming is a waste of everyone's time.

. If the SPAMmers weren't making money at it, I don't think they would be doing it. It ain't you and it ain't me, but somebody must be clicking/buying.

what me spam? Never!


9 years ago

ummm... I referenced a book in a comment I posted, would that be considered spam?

Only if you were to make financial gain or receive benefit in kind from book sales. L

does a rickroll count as a spam? hope not. really. i rick rolled someone 'couple minutes ago. oh no! they're gonna kill me!!!!!! .......... i'm scared. help.

Hooray sibilance/alliteration!

This further makes me think that we need the FT flagging method you invented. Two flags from the feature team, and the item is temp removed for admins to deal with. Its a feature that really needs to be put in place.