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Recharging batteries while in a project Answered

So I'm thinking of a few projects using rechargeable batteries and I wanted to try something. I want to have a power cord attached to the project that can plug in to a standard AC socket to recharge the batteries. I have no experience with rechargeable batteries beyond putting them into the box and sticking it in the wall. I want to be able to hook up 6 AA rechargeables and have no idea what DC voltage I should be using. I have an old charger for a two way radio that runs at 9V and was designed to charge the 4 AAA batteries inside. Would this work? It would be nice because it's small and even has an LED to indicate the charging status. Is this possible and is there anything other than DC voltage I need to worry about? Also, is it safe to hook that up as long as there's a switch to disconnect the batteries from the project? Any help is appreciated!



11 years ago

If a guy were to get a rechargable drill at a yard sale that had no charger and used a w/wart that was slightly over the battery voltage could that take out the forward drive? Just curious. Smoke Tester

LasVegas, you are right. I overlooked the fact that the charger is going directly into the circuit and will fry it. This may only work if you were to isolate the batteries from the circuit while charging.

You could take apart a standard AA battery charger and wire it to the project and ac plug like in the picture.


Absolutely not! A battery charger does not contain the necessary filtering to protect the battery powered device and could very well fry the electronics. A complete charging/supply circuit would be required for this to work.