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Recommendations for online vendors of laser cutting materials? Answered

Our makerspace has a few people who are thinking about placing one or more orders for various materials.  Most will be used on the laser cutter, but not all.  Some of the materials we are looking for are:

* Wood: basswood sheets, birch (or similar sturdy) plywood, etc
* Acrylics
* Leather (vegetable tanned)
* Paper: undetermined cardboard and/or cardstock

What companies are out there that would have a variety of these materials at good prices?  (For comparison, we have been mostly leaning on the local Michaels - probably one of the most expensive options per-piece.)



www.coloradoheirloom.com is a great place to get wood, especially if you are looking for a higher quality, prefinished kind.

www.laserbits.com has a little bit of everything

www.delviesplastics.com has all the acrylic you could want and give a quantity discount

a local Tandy Leather is a great resource for leather, they have lots of scraps if you want to test as well.

Here are some of the first shops that came up. I haven't compared one against the other yet.

Seems to have a good selection of wood sheets & ply. There is an assortment of acrylics too.

Another hobby shop. Looks like some quantities are larger than hobbylinc - not sure how prices compare yet.

This shop has a pretty comprehensive stock. There is a lot of sheet metal too, which I had not really considered up to this point.

Primarily an art supplier. May be good for matboard or plywood sheets. Probably not the best source.

Thanks. Right idea, wrong continent. I forgot to mention that I'm in the northeastern US.

Any local suppliers, specialty shops willing to work with you? Ask for any educator, group or trade discounts. Shipping lumber may be expensive. Look at ebay for odd lots that are being sold off. Good luck.

Thanks for the thoughts. I'd like to steer clear of piece-meal options. Since I'm coordinating this with many people, what I really need is one or two shops with a large variety that make it easy to place a group order. We probably won't be ordering a lot of any single material, but the entire order is probably going to be a significant shipment.