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Record Hulu movies and shows? Answered

Hello everyone,

Can anyone help me on this? I remember some time ago there were some Hulu Downloader apps that could let one save Hulu videos to your hard disk, but I'm afraid that the Hulu Downloader app I knew about  just doesn't work anymore.

So I'm just wondering if there is still some way to record Hulu movies and shows to pc or even to record and convert Hulu movies for cell phone, so that I can again enjoy some of the latest episodes of my favorite tv series  from Hulu when I don't have an internet connection available on the laptop or when I'm not at home ?



Best Answer 8 years ago

Yeah I actually have to agree on this: if you really wanna be able to record and save Hulu movies and shows than some Hulu downloader with screen capture features is the best way to go, this way you'll be sure you won't run into any problems when you want to record Hulu movies and shows for later playback  or whatever.

I am pretty sure that Tunebite Hulu Downloader might be able to help you on this, I found it to come in handy whenever I have some videos and movies I'd like to record from streaming video websites. Since  it has screen capture features, Tunebite Hulu Downloader will be able to record, convert and save Hulu movies and shows to your hard disk in  various useful file formats you can use on different devices.

What I found pretty cool is that you can actually use Tunebite to record, download, save videos from many video streaming websites like Myspace, Facebook, Vimeo and so on.

Anyways, if you wanna take a closer look at Tunebite Hulu Downloader and how it works to record, save Hulu videos, this  tutorial should help you.

Cool, thanks also for your tip on this Tunebite Hulu Downloader app, seems actually rather interesting.

I sure hope this hulu downloader works good to help me save hulu movies and shows to the hard disk of my pc, cause to be honest I am kinda getting tired of trying all sorts of Hulu Downloader apps that don't work or do a crapy job when I try to  record Hulu videos with them.

I guess I'll have a closer look at tunebite and see what's the deal with it.

Thanks for all the help you guys gave me to find a Hulu Downloader that actually works to save Hulu movies, videos, shows.
I think I am going to go with this Tunebite Hulu Downloader after all, I have taken a look at it and played around with the recording features and it seems to me that it works pretty good to record Hulu videos to the hard disk.

Plus I also liked the fact that, besides it's features that help me record Hulu movies and shows, I could also use it to record videos from a lot of other streaming video websites.

Thanks again for all the suggestions.


6 years ago


For different kinds of reasons, online videos from many websites like Hulu or Netflix are diffcult to be downloaded directly. Many popular tools just become pale to them.

But it is not the ending until we find there is screen record program can deal with this problem.
Of course, I also got one. I open the video or TV shows on Hulu then choose the record region and then it will record the video while I am watching it. The recorded video is decent that video and audio almost as the same as online video. Then I can freely playback them later. Of course, you can use this kind of program to record videos from many website as you like.

 I assume you know that under Hulu's licensing, this would be illegal.  To do it anyway, you just need some screen capture software, such as this one available from cnet.  There are some other options available there as well for accomplishing this for Mac (and probably linux as well).

I actually don't  intend in doing anything illegal and I definitely don't want to be able to save hulu movies and shows just to share them on god knows what other websites, I have better things to do with my time.
I just want to record and save Hulu videos for later playback on my laptop cause I  don't have an internet connection available on it all the time.
Thanks for the tip on that Hulu Downloader, i'll check  it out.

That's still illegal, even without distributing the content - i'm too lazy to show you the terms of use for Hulu that proves my point, but if you want, then i will show you the exact quote to prove that what you want to do is illegal.


8 years ago

Here's another Hulu Downloader. Have you try to record or capture movies and shows from hulu with this Hulu Recorder? If no, give it a try and please come back to tell us if you managed to record and save your movies from hulu on your pc..Or if you already tried to capture and download hulu with this Hulu Downloader, google hardly about how to record, capture and save movies and tv shows streams from hulu. I'm very sure that you'll finally find a way to stream hulu shows and movies... 

I don't think this Hulu Downloader or Hulu recorder or whatever you might like to call it will actually work to record Hulu movies and shows, at least from what I can read from its description.

It's rather an app that can be used  to download Flash movies from Internet movie sites, and since hulu's format for videos  is RTMP-e , this Hulu Downloader will most likely not be of much use.

I think the best way to record Hulu movies and shows without any problems  is definitely with the help of some screen capture app, as already mentioned round here.

Yeah, it also seems this way to me from what I can read from the description of this app.

I just don't want to try some hulu downloader that doesn't do anything right or that doesn't work  when I need to save Hulu movies and shows  on  my hard disk. So I guess I' ll have to say pass to this one.

But even if  they have changed the file format for their streams, it's  actually possible to record and save Hulu movies and shows on the pc with the help of some Hulu Downloader with screen capture features.

I stumbled upon this on google about  how to record Hulu videos:


This is a tutorial how to record Hulu movies and shows; the Hulu downloader mentioned there, if I can y call it this way, is for the mac.

So if you use a mac and you wat to try and  see how it goes to record Hulu movies and shows, the app from there seem useful.

It's a shame though that  this app doesn't also work on a win pc to record and save Hulu videos, if you don't have a mac you should probably find a similar Hulu Downloader.

Well, as interesting as this hulu downloader seems unfortunately I can't use it cause i don't have a mac.
I'm on windows so I definitely need  a Hulu downloader for win pc.

I have an idea: have you tried also some  hulu downloader  or streaming video downloader add-ons for mozilla?

There's a pretty good one called video download helper that can download, save videos and movies from a lot of video streaming websites, so maybe it also works to record or capture, download, save Hulu movies and shows to your hard disk.

Take a look at their website and see if it could also  record Hulu videos to pc, wo knows maybe it can help you.

Hmm, yeah well I also thought about looking for some Hulu downloader add -on for mozilla, but unfortunately from what I was able to read on this, there are no hulu downloader add-ons or any streaming video downloader add -on that can actually download and save Hulu movies and shows on pc for later playback or whatever.
I think it's because hulu videos aren't flvs anymore; hulu streams have some sort of encryption on them and that's why you need some special Hulu downloader app for the job.

But thanks for the idea anyways.

Hulu uses flash so it's hard.

There is a $40 piece of software that will do a great job of it if you want to pay for something.  I don't think $40 is too much to pay if you want to use it a lot and have good copies.  Also this copies as a download not in real time.

You can use this method (or any of the similar versions) basically what this does is make a copy of what you are watching so it takes a lot longer, any interruptions on the cpu will result in missed frames.  Then it encodes it as what ever you want and there is some loss there.  So the copies aren't of the highest quality.

Oh, I see, yeah well I think that that Hulu Downloader app I used to have did not actually use this sort of screen capture technology , it just  simply downloaded Hulu movies and videos since those were in flv format, if I'm not mistaking.

I do use Hulu a lot lately since I have  a lot of tv series I watch currently so probably some investment in a working Hulu Downloader or Recorder might be worth it.