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Recording "engineer" Answered

hey guys, i was wondering if any of you are experts at home recording, and also if anyone has the ability to re-master my home recordings...i have a microphone, and sony acid 5 which im about to get rid of for a better program... i really want to release an ep soon, but im gonna need alot of help! and also, if any of you know how to get auto tune and show me how to work it, it would be great.. orrrr if you do cd packaging/printing, or screen printing...message me please! thank you. and i am willing to pay you! or even if someone could point me in the direction of all the equipment and help me get myself set up at least...anything at this point would help. thanks.



I'd recommend looking at smaller, yet professional recording studios. Ask them what clients they've had, and ask if there is an engineer familiar with your genre of music. If you're serious about recording at home, try ProTools, or Logic. ProTools is one that many studios will have gear for. AutoTune is often run as a plugin within multitrack software. I've used it a little, but I don't own a copy.

Put "recording studio" in the Instructables search. You will see a few home setups. Good luck.

thanks. i've tried the professional studio thing...around here, the word professional is thrown around pretty loosely. they seem like they are always trying to rush, and that im not as important...you know? i'll search instructables though, thank you.

If you've got the cash it may be worth booking a short slot at a professional recording studio - they'll do you a better job more efficiently and be able to give you some feedback. L