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I am doing LOCAL Recruiting for Instructables membership AND possible future "event" Answered

I have been actively recruiting members in my area so as to possibly bring about a meeting and maybe even an event.

Eventually, I will need to know whom to ask "what" and how to get everything organized......this will probably not occur before next Spring though....

I don't know.....somehow....I thought a show and tell like this was more "public" than this seems. Am I missing something ?


ooooo, I'm close! I live in State College, BTW

Hell yeah! I was at a Penn State game last week.

I have no objections to anyone driving from a distance....but I have difficulties in driving that far anymore....just an FYI :-)

I have driven out to State College, it may be local for you, but I know I probably couldn't do it again.

So many shiny contraptions. I envy you. I need to do some recruiting. I want an event down here. I think the only way to get one is to arrange one myself. There seems to be a decent following around my way. I will be following your event very closely in order to prepare further.

Well, the recruiting is not so much to help me with the Show, but rather to have some interested parties involved in it (other then myself) from my area. I don't know of anyone nearby that is a member, so I am trying to interest a bunch. So far, I have possible interest from the husband and son of one of my physical therapists, and maybe the "jet / airplane engine engineer" from another. Sadly, these are the only people besides my wife that I really talk to or ask me about the shirt I am wearing :-)

I was more thinking recruiting new members/members to come to show their projects.

Yes, that is what I mean.....I have already interested two of my phys. therapists in looking and maybe signing up for memberships, and one of them has a "dumpster diving husband" and son, so that should turn out at least 2 members if she follows through and presents it to them :-)

I have several friends at work that frequent the site. A few well placed adverts at work (staff >200) and the local tech Uni's should turn up a substantial amount of new members.

I work for Bunnings a Home Depot style store. We are pretty much the dominant supplier for DIY goods for around the home.
Our community relations is absolutley great (just last week I was planting some native plants at a local school for half my day and got paid for it too.). They especially focus on DIY, providing in store DIY classes (Build a deck, Installing Garden Lighting etc) led by an instructor.

After being there 7 years now I have a substaintial amount of "friends" in the higher management positions within the company.

I'm sure the Bunnings head honcho's would get right into the whole Instructable/DIY/Buy our goods to make it thing.

My Going Green at Work I'ble is based on Bunnings, so they already have an I'ble on them here. I will have to do some investigating and see what the likely hood on some sponsorship/event location assistance would be.

Sorry i'm trying to figure out which part you are referring to. The "several friends"? If so i'm still trying to get them to join. They generally spend time here when scanning the net for University project design ideas.

Oh, sorry, I should have quoted you. Yes, that is the part I meant. Well, lure then in with the promise of prizes if they win the contests...

Is there a "best" type of place to have these "gatherings"?

If you are willing to travel, anything can be local.....but I just meant I am personally trying to get people interested (I am not a good salesperson by any means) in this site, first, and then maybe in a S&T.;

I'm local... enough!

np, if you can make the trip...although I am still not sure I can "make this happen yet". My last "battle with the bank" left me scathed with a -$100 balance *sigh*

noting the size of PA, and that you are in the western portion, while I am in the east (less then 2 hours from Philadelphia), well, there are those residing in NY and MD that are much closer. But if I can pull this off, I am certainly not discouraging you :-)

Ok, so where do I start.....I am great at building "things" but getting something like this together is something new to me....

Have you thought of contacting local science and "shop" teachers? Not to get their students involved, but to come and show off their own work for a change?

Or a small-ad in the local press, including a link to this thread?

I really will have to get my own event back on the go.

I hadn't thought of it as I am just not sure "what" is involved and such. Does anyone have a manual I could read through ? :-)

I have printed off a copy of that ible...for future use. :-)

Now that I have re-read that ible, I am wondering about a few things that I will have to do possibly: rent a big room, and gather together some extra "snacks" :-)
I may have bitten off more than I can chew if certain monetary leaks are not sealed soon *wife looking innocent*