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Recycled Ticket Art Answered

Japan takes reusing materials to the next level: a 10 x 7 mural, entirely out of old Metro tickets. Just goes to show that you can always find a use for things a second time around (or maybe a third, fourth, you name it).


If you like this mural, it's not the first of its kind. In 2007, employees of a Japanese department store created their own art gallery out of Metro tickets. Check it out here


a very nice rendition of Astro-Boy, too.

Whatever happened to Astro-Boy? They don't show it on the CN anymore... =[

i think it airs on Adult Swim. just keep the TV on cartoon network and after 11 it will switch. and they show you a schedule during some of their commercials.

I haven't a clue. I know that a few months ago they did an "Astro-Boy maraton" which got me all reminiscent of my youth.....but then, if I remember correctly, Astro-Boy was used or created specifically as a symbol for the Great American Hero (troops) as wartime propaganda.

I've been thinking about making art out of recycled stuff, but I can never collect enough. I tried to do something with pop cans. But it was a mega fail.

It takes a lot of commitment, patience and space. My sister does this, teaches reuse art to kids (and adults) and her house is over run by bags of this and that, and she has storage. It is her life. Commitment, or taking a class from someone who has done the collecting for you. I save stuff for her, and some things it takes a while to amass. Patience.