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Recycling Industrial Air Intake Filters Answered

I have access to some used air inlet filter cartridges soon to be disposed from a gas turbine power plant that I work at. When in use, they prevent dust and debris from atmospheric air from passing through to the turbine....I am thinking of cleaning them using instrument air, and recycling them as furniture parts of for bookshelves and other upholstery furniture’s...does anyone know if they are safe to use for the inner frame of a couch for example?


Unless they are soaked with oil, they are disposable and un-economic to clean.
Furniture is interesting - pictures?


Just starting, I shall upload them as soon as I am through:-)

Lol...no smoking Kiteman. They aren't structurally strong, a tripod steel pipe in the air intake enclosure is used to support the filters, I may just replicate same to hold up the hollow space inside...With that out of the way i shall explore welding the aluminium for the book shelf frame...with extra foam & fibre padding it should be sturdy for my prototype chair also:-)

They are similar to the ones on air compressors...

It really depends what they are made of.

Any chance of a photo, or link to a supplier's catalogue?


They are a mixture of cellulose & polyester, the mesh casing is made of alumminum

Check this site out for more info:


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Polyester and cellulose?

Fine and dandy, as long as nobody smokes.

Structurally, they don't look so strong...?

.  They are treated with flame-retardants. I haven't seen this particular brand, but all the similar filters I have worked with over the years had media much like the paper air filter in your car. You may have seen similar filters on the intake of large air compressors.