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Recycling Plastic? Answered

I happen to have a lot of standard water bottles...a lot. So, I was wondering if some recycling plants will still pay for water bottles? And if so, how can I find one? Thanks!


Giving up on the raft? :( I was looking forward to seeing how it turned out, tbh.

I third that! Lets save the raft!!

Save The Raft!
Save The Raft!


I want to go a help build it, then sail it back to Australia. There it will become my permanant residence. I shall add bottles every day.

Eventually once it is large enough, I will declare it Instructaville and create my own magical Instructable island.

If you've given up part-way through the raft, stand it on end and call it a greenhouse.

It's good to know you guys remember it =]

But yeah...i've gotten the bottles, but couldn't find a cost efficient way to get nets, and used nets are even harder to obtain around here. I've just sort of lost motivation =[

That would require a lot of sacks, time, and bottles. Wet fabric gets pretty heavy. Like I said, I just have lost motivation for it all.

In my area, they don't pay for them any longer, and as Chicken wrote, they will pick up the recycle bins with the proper type plastic in them, but they are operating at very close to a loss even with the huge trucks of them they gather.

Well, there is not harm it checking with the local authorities to make sure :-)

Sadly, our recyclers don't want plastic label with anything except the recycle triangle with a one or two in it (3 or higher they say they can't use, *shrug*)

And that's all i've got =/

Is it glass bottles that still have a redemption value on them?

Well, here I think we have a place that takes cans still (there are a few, very poor persons, that go about digging them out of trash cans and such) and IIRC some places take glass too. Here, that goes into the recycle bin with the plastic, unless a value is written on the bottle :-) But those are mostly out of state anyway.

Where I live, plastic bottles are just go with our a paper and glass to the recycling companies every monday. Cans stay because theres a good place to get money down town. But if you don't put it out every week, then you can just bring them to one of the recycling (dumpsters?) we have around the city So my answer is I've just seen them given for free