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Recycling an old Coleman Cot? Answered

I have a cot that i've used probably way too much... it's not the traditional kind of cot because it has springs, so the springs have been unwinding and consequently sagging, while the fabric is tearing in the midde.... so i'm going to need to either throw it away or find some way to reuse it. Any ideas? The aluminum is hollow, but sturdy...


You could turn it into a spring-loaded trap for drowsy intruders! The last one I slept on felt like a decomissioned torture device from the Hanoi Hilton.

. Rebuild it! You should be able to find suitable springs at most hardware or farm supply stores. Repairing or replacing the fabric should be fairly easy to do or reasonably cheap to farm out. . For repurposing, all I can think of is a bench/table.

Better yet simply get a bunch of rope or even twine, maybe wire if you're that way inclined. make a new bottom part by tightly string the ropes across the bed then doing it lengthways.... Maybe once every six inches, it's not a bad thing to sleep on. For a mattress replacement take a big chunk of foam from some where and use that or even re-cover the old one using a fabric of your choice...