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Recycling chemical containers in Tanzania Answered

We're situated in Tanzania on a cereals farm. Needless to say - plenty of empty plastic chemical containers, creating massive headaches when it comes to destroying it. Does anyone have some pointers as to how we can do re-cycling on the farm - keeping in mind we're about 800km (500miles) due west from Dar-es-Salaam. We'd like to make some 5-7 mm sheeting out of the stuff to be used on the farm - to replace stolen sheet-metal water gates used for regulating water flow into rice paddies. Any sparks out there to light our fire? Kind regards Hendrik Neethling Kapunga Rice Project Limited (KRPL) Tanzania Mail: hjn@krplbio.com Land: +255 752 44 5572 Cell: +255 768 299 813


. Polyethylene (PE) doesn't do well for extended periods in sunlight. UV radiation breaks down the plastic. But if you're getting it for free, it will usually last long enough to make it worthwhile. Black PE will usually last the longest (the carbon black absorbs a lot of the UV). . PE can be recycled. Might not be a good option for you, but worth investigating. . If your water gates are not too deep or wide, PE from barrels should do a good job. Will probably need to be replaced more often that metal, but the price is right. Put the convex side toward the irrigation ditch. . Roofing tiles? . Fill with water and use thermal mass to regulate temperature of a building?

What sort of chemicals. Some of those containers sell for a lot of money.