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Recycling gets sexy with the recycled bikini Answered

Victoria's Secret has introduced a bikini top that's made from recycled polyster and spandex. It's pretty significant in its utter insignificance. Finally, a luxury item can use recycled materials and I hope that we see more companies doing this, but there's only a few square inches of material there. And can they do it without having to make it literally green? It all reads like more of a publicity ploy than any real movement towards sustainability.

Patagonia has been using recycled materials for several years and have been making real progress in putting their money where their mouth is. Will others please start following in their footsteps please? Lots of others?



Wahoo!!! Good excuse to go to Victoria's Secret website!! Shoulda made 'em outa bamboo...

Apparently there is a kind of wool made of bamboo...

Aye, that is what I was speaking of.

under, um, certain conditions I suppose

I can see it now....."Where'd they get the materials ? "It was recycled from grandma's...." STOP, STOP; I don't want to know anymore.....!!!! LOL