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Recyled pencil case uses? Answered

I have recently worn a hole in my pencil case so I decided to cut the ends off and break the zip to fully unwrap/unfold it but now I'm at a loss as to what to do with it.

If you have any ideas I would gratefully receive them and I promise that if I make an 'ible then I will include a link to the profile of who ever gives me the best or most workable idea.



You could add the Circles to a pair of fabric schoes as storage!

Thanks, that's given me a great idea! Well that just leaves the main body of the case to be dealt with...

Teddy bear Designer outfit ??

not much you can really make

True. I may just have to pin it up on the wall on a piece of cork as a notice board. Thank you anyway.

could always just cut the pictures out with an exacto knife and sew them on something

Hmmmmmm...That's put a potential birthday present into my mind.

Thanks a lot! I'll get straight on it!

Fold the large piece in half (zip edge to zip edge), and stitch / glue / weld the short ends together.

You can then zip it up and use it as a "new" pencil case.

Glue the circles to anything you would like to decorate with the Animal graphics.

Nice idea but I was planning to use this old pencil case for something besides storage, as I have already bought a new one.

Thanks anyway!