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Redecorating my room Answered

I am re painting/redecorating my room. I need some ideas for colors I should paint the walls! Help!


Get testers! You can pick them up for very cheap and just paint a few patches on your walls.

I'm super minimalist so I always go for white.

Are you considering on changing the look of your home? A quick transformation of your room from time to time can be fun, especially if you know where to start. Before anything else, you must have a vision on how you foresee your home after decorating. You also need to take a quick look at your home furniture and decide which ones have to go and what modifications you have to make. Once everything has been settled, the next best thing to do is look for home decorating accessories that will add a special touch to your room.

I agree with you, you must be able to have a vision of how you would like your home to look like otherwise it would be difficult.

try your favorte color and for decor well that is you try diffrent things for you use google images be cafreal though

Why not start by painting 3 walls blue and seeing if that lightens the room enough. If not go for 4 blue walls and pick your accessories in brown. It is a very rich color combination.Another thing to try is to have the brown wall be the window wall. That way light is able to bounce back from the lighter walls.

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Go to your local DIY store and buy all the cheap (last year's colours) tester pots - they should be a few cents each, and do a couple of square feet each. Drop them in a bag, then paint your walls with them in the order they come out of the bag.

You could paint it all white and take a paint ball gun to it.

hmmm i wouldnt recommend that, the paintballs we used to do that to my friend white tree house were cheap and it faded and got really sticky