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Redneck Rollercoaster Answered

This is called the Redneck Rollercoaster, but that's not quite the truth. This is an insane car mod that looks fun as hell and has the danger factor to bump it up to make it extra stupid. So who doesn't love some stupidly dangerous fun? Weirdos. Who loves it? Canadians.

FYI, the guy on the left on the sofa is the driver.

And how it works...


this is actually made by david rock of davidsfarm it is a popular automotive channel from canada just search davidsfarm

Oh yeah, I saw that or something like that one Country Fried Videos (hosted by Bill Engvall) And then, there was the guy who build a miniature rollercoaster in his back yard...that was cool.

That first video was on the BBC this week, a programme called "LennyHenry.TV" - it must be one of the cheapest shows on the planet, because all you need to do is stick a work experience kid on a PC for a few hours to download enough clips for a whole series.

Haha, "One day, sittin' around drinking beer...". That explains it. Actually, this would be a great filming tool.

Strait outa the Red Green Show!

the guy that was interviewed started it like any redneck should "one day sitting around drinking beers."

Looks fun! Wish I could try that...

so where's the line start? :D

lol. thats a bit far for me, i think i'll just build one myself and make an instructable :]

ebay! he said you could use any similar vehicle, so basically, anything with a steering shaft set up like it is in a cavalier will work. i might be able to find something in the scrapyard by where i live that'll work, the problem for me is funds :[