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Reduced or Increased odds of winning if entering multiple contests? Answered

If I enter three contests and become a finalist or win one of them, does that in any way negatively affect my chances of becoming a finalist or winning in the other day?  Do the "powers that be" decide that since I did well in another, they want to give someone else a chance?



I don't think so...

There are Instructables that have won in more than 3 contests, The chance of winning will just be higher if you make a better 'Ible :)

Not at all.

Becoming a finalist depends mostly on member votes, and they're likely to vote for every contest you've entered at once. Final judging focusses purely on the entries of that contest, no others.

I have won multiple awards on the same instructable several times. My t-shirt quilt won in all three. "The powers that be" will not change the outcome of the judging because of a previous win. If you have enough votes to put you in the finals, they won't change that either.

However, If you haven't gotten enough votes for automatic finalist selection they may choose to place you in the finals for one contest but opt for someone else in another. If both contests have several of the same judges, it is conceivable that, for the same reason you stipulated, a judge may rate you higher in one contest than the other to allow another person the chance to win in the other. However, in both of these scenarios the quality of both ibles would have to be very close in their minds. No one is going to give an obviously inferior ible a prize over another just because the other has already won.