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Referrers stats showing strange results Answered

The stats window on an instructable show many cool things total views. views today etc.. but the Referrers sections never seems to add up to much... The number does not add up to the total view or even the total view today.. and it always seems that 70% of the referrers are blank? Is this a bug or is there some logic to this that I am missing?


"Referrers" are other sites that have linked to your project, or been used to find it. Each referrer will result in more than one view, as it is a route from another site to your project.

The t.co link is from Twitter, so maybe the blanks are different people tweeting about your project.

As my "day job" I am a manager at an internet company and am very familar with referrers but I have never seen "blank entries" on multiple lines. If two lines have no referer then they traditionally are grouped together as "Bookmarked" or similar labeling.. Some system strip out the data when the hit comes from the site where the page is also on (ie may not show hits from Instructables.com) as it is an internal link not an external referrer but on my lists of referers for my instructables I usually see "instructables.com" being listed but at a far lower "hit" amount than would be expected. I have also had cases where I posted my project on Pinterest then clicked on the pinterest link (to test it) but a pinterest referral did not ever show up on the list.

If the blanks were other people tweeting then they should also be listed under t.co as is standard for referrers and that does not explain the first entry in my list which was also blank?

You'll only get an instructables hit if somebody follows an internal redirect link to find your project, such as a search result or a link in a forum topic. If they look at your project after simply browsing the site, you won't get the hit.

As for the blanks, may I draw your attention to the word "maybe". I was speculating.

that makes more sence about the instructables redirect... thanks..

hope someone else can shed some light on the blanks..