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Refinishing Optical Media Answered

I was thinking about ways to actually get good data off of a fucked disk. I figured for a permanent solution, instead of grinding the disk down, or filling it in with greasy things, actually reforming the surface of the disk with some clear resin or acrylic. Comments?


Depends on how the disk has been damaged....

If label/data portion has been damaged -- that's it. There's no repairing that.

If the clearish disk portion is scratched -- I've had great luck with a product called brasso ;) Just put on a cotton (that is, no lint) rag and polish from the center out. Use it in a well ventilated area as it will make you stupid.

Another advantage for blu-ray :) scratch resistant surface (one mfr tested with steel wool I think).


11 years ago

Obviously its a bad idea, given the process would probably cost substantially more than the current solutions, plus reforming the surface sounds like your still filling in crap. Point is its quite stupid to leave your CD/DVD out to be scratched up to this point.