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Refrigerator fire Answered

So my Refrigerator caught on fire... it was weird. I was getting ice out of the freezer when I noticed the light was flickering, then I remembered the light burned out months ago, that was my biggest clue. And it explained the crackling sound I was hearing. I unplugged it before it got out of control or anything, and nothing was damaged.... Has anyone else had their fridge catch on fire?


The fridge in my rental did the same thing except there was no smoke. I was watching tv and the fridge made that slight dropping noise where it shuts off because the temp is at a good level. Then i heard the weird crackling noise. I thought i left the stove top on but it wasnt that. I opened the freezer and the bottom was glowing like a fire behind it and sparks were coming from the wire going outside of the fridge. I couldnt move the fridge to unplug it myself so i had to call the fire department. They got here pretty quick and said the outlet is just fine it must have been the fridge. It was so scary i had never dealt with something like that. I have to call the landlords tomorrow and hopefully get a new fridge installed. I dont know if i will be able to sleep tonight. I thank God i didnt go to bed early like i originally planned. huff

that could be a band name, burning fridges, lol btw thats strange that it caught fire. did any of your food get burned?


7 years ago

Ok, so heres what happened, i was getting my annual glass of water before i went to bed and i began to heard a constant staccato hissing noise. I found it was coming from my freezer. So me thinking nothing of it, think its just a bag shifting. So i jerk the bag of pees sitting in the door way thinking that that had solved the problem. After which the problem persisted. I then removed the bottom drawer and looked in the back. There i saw a red glow, much like something you would see in your gas oven. i then realized that there was water dripping down onto a hot surface, causing the hissing noise. I unplugged the fridge before it actually was able to erupt in a flamed fire. But still the same, it could've resulted in an actual fire. Kinda creepy, new fridge also.

A refrigerator on fire?!? Wow! This is my first time hearing a refrigerator catching on fire...

We had just moved into a home that had a maytag side by side frigde with the ice a water on the door, last week my husband was getting his lunch out of the fridge and noticed that the fridge light was out so he changed the fuse and came back and noticed the light was still out, then he checked the freezer and it was smoking, it was full of black smoke and had burned a hole though the side wall. We were very lucky that my husband was up, and was able to put the fire out. Thank god for house insurance

Consider going to CPSC website Click here to fill out a incident report, and report it because this might not only be a problem with just your fridge, and if they do a product recall / repair, you may also get it fixed free of charge... And CPSC is able to protect your identity from both the general public and the manufacture if you like (( Yes they are government ))

My family had a Maytag fridge catch on fire a few years ago. And we're not talking about a 25 year old machine - it was about 2 years old :/

Wait how did you put the fire out, or did it just spark?

Lots of sparks, a little fire.... it went out when I unplugged the fridge.... The insulation in the back is pretty fire retardant, so when the flames weren't getting fed they went out, is my guess. (correct me if that's not how electrical fires work)

You might wanna pull the face plate off the plug and make sure nothing is melted in there (wires, the plug itself). My mother's sewing machine has some aweful grounding or something (touching it in different spots would bring you incredible pain) and one day it shorted out badly for some reason and fried the wall outlet, it still doesn't work and the prong holes are warped, yet the sewing machine still continues to work.

Apparently you have a leak problem with your fridge and the moisture is building up and shorting out the control circuits for the compressor and temp control. I'm guessing let it dry out a bit and plug it back in and if it does the same thing..sorry but you're gonna have to get a new fridge.

Yeah, we had two, so we're just using the other one right now...

And we think it was a leak in the line that brings water into the fridge for the ice maker.

Oh shitty, really? That would most definatly do it a lot quicker than moisture from the machine running. Yea in the case, unless you can find another busted fridge like it (identicle models) and swap the control boards, but not much chance of that, maybe call a appliance repair shop with your model numbers and depending on how much you paid for the fridge, it may be cheaper to get the guy to order you a new control board.