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Regarding brush cleaners spasifically Poly Clens Answered

Recently me and my dad have run across a problem.


Apparently our government has banned the use of Poly Clens By Lepage brand here in Ontario Canada as far as I know.
Its a favorite brush cleaner for the both of us and we're both surprised when we heard the news not to mention disappointed. 
We both don't understand why its banned since there are far worse brush cleaning methods that are way more harmful to the environment.
So are there any other alternatives that some one could recommend that are similar? And please don't recommend varsol est since these just don't compare and are just nasty.

Thanks. :)


Treasure Tabby

6 years ago

Gurrrr That sucks. Too bad. Its a really great product. So the company changed hands hummm? Well its too bad for them also since now they're going to loose loads a business from loads of customers.

Luckily my dad went out today a found a similar looking product at Home hardware. Its a brush cleaner as well but a house brand. Just hope its not just the other brand but a generic label.

Thanks for the sleuthing guys. Much appreciated. :)


6 years ago

Are you sure it's banned?

When I do a news search for the phrased polyclens banned, there is only one hit, and that is this forum topic.

There's nothing in it that is any different to dozens of other branded brush-cleaners.


Reply 6 years ago

Tis been discontinued it appears...


6 years ago

THIS is what I found:

UPDATE (Aug. 2011): It appears that Poly Clens has been discontinued. I suggest if you can find some left on store shelves, you buy up all the stock you can. Below is the note I received from Henkel, which looks like they now own LePage:

Thank you for e-mailing Henkel Corporation concerning our Poly Clens product. We appreciate the time you took to contact us.

Unfortunately, this product has been discontinued. I hope this does not discourage you from purchasing other Henkel Corporation products in the future.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to call us at (800) 624-7767, Monday through Friday, between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time; or visit us on the Web at www.loctiteproducts.com, www.osipro.com or www.lepageproducts.com.

Thank you for your inquiry. I hope you find this information helpful.


Consumer Relations Representative
Henkel Corporation