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Regarding the DIY music box... Answered

I was considering getting the DIY music box www.thinkgeek.com/geektoys/science/8f7f/ at thinkgeek and I'm wondering if there is a website with song blueprints and if I have to buy special paper to use for it.



Best Answer 8 years ago

Looks like a cool toy.

Scan in the paper to ensure you have the right line spacing.

Photoshop in the areas to fill in the pattern completely.
Loop the pattern so that its...really long.

Print it on printer-calculator (adding machine?) paper. fed through a laser or inkjet printer...should print 'infinitely' with long paper...just tell the printer dialog that the paper size is exceptionally long...

then apply a layer of packing tape to make it sturdy

then punch out holes where you want notes.  Follow midi files (search free midi <insert song name>) and convert to the key of the music box.  Tada!

On the same theme, has anyone ever tried to make a program that would be able to print on a paper strip directly based on a midi file.
That would be so handy. Just play it on a keyboard and it's ready to punch in minutes...

There's a PDF file of a Mario theme.  You are supposed to print it, then poke holes in the red dots to play the tune.

Simply poke holes in different places to play different tunes.