Regenerating power from a UPS system! Answered


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I would like to know if you it is possible to recycle power and from the UPS by reinserting it AC output Back into the AC input port and produce a continuous cycle of power just from the UPS all by itself, I know there maybe a few modifications required and which I am willing to implement.TIM?

I need to be able to use the inverter in the UPS I would also like to know if it is pure sine wave or not.  Secondly, can I just add up the same kind of battery in parallel to increase per amp hour or is there a specific limit per amp hour of battery in respect to the UPS designs for instance can I step up the amps to 100Amps by aligning batteries in parallel for a UPS that uses regular UPS battery is is it limited to only the 7Amp battery that comes with the UPS of the shelf.

If I get away with it can I include a 100AMp charge controller to the UPS system to avoid battery over charge and also avoid over discharge.

Looking forward to your answers and also just so you know the inverters that come in the refrigerated trucks are the bomb. If any one is using one of these please let me know your experiences.

Basic concept I am working on, to provide cheaper electricity for rural africa, hope I can upscale it and provide business continuity for those who require to earn income.


There is a very simple rule in science - When any energy is converted from one form to another there is a loss. UPS is converting chemical energy to electrical ( while producing AC) & electrical to chemical ( while charging ). Both way the energy is lost.

To get the same output you have to constantly provide the lost energy to the system. That is the rule of Universe !

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To quote the very wise and profound Homer J Simpson
"Lisa, in this house we OBEY the laws of thermodynamics!"

What you will make is heat until the battery runs dead. Perpetual motion does not work. Even if its electrical.

Sounds to me like you think you can get free energy from it - you can't - the processes all LOSE energy