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Reinforced Anti-theft Backpack Straps Answered

Hey guys,

I'd really like a cutproof backpack without spending big bucks on it. Can anyone take a regular (aka cheap) backpack and run some steel cable through the straps without making it uncomfortable to wear? Should the cable extend beyond the straps into the fabric of the bag itself?

Thanks in advance!


is this to prevent straps being cut while you wear pack? Or for security when it is secured to a post?

This is to prevent straps being cut while I'm wearing it. It will hold valuables and I intend to never put it down in public.

hypothetical situation 1, thief cuts straps:

Conscientious theif takes the time to slash up to 3 body hugging straps without cutting you at all. While he does this, what do you do?

Situation 2, thief threatens to cut you unless you give him the bag.

What do you do?

Situation 3, mugger:

Thief knocks you around, and, while you lie recovering on the ground, takes the bag. What do you do?

What are the relative likelyhoods of each scenario? In each case, how much do cut proof straps helP? Do other solutions suggest themselves?

These are great questions, and I think I need to include a little more information about the bag's intended use to be able to answer them. This is going to be on a sling-bag, which only has one strap, and I'm going to mod the sling-bag to include a quick draw concealed-carry holster for a pistol. The entire point of the bag is to carry my gun more comfortably (and therefore, more often) and prevent its theft while I'm carrying it.

Situation 1- The thief only has one strap to cut. This is the situation that I'm most afraid of, and a quick thief in a crowd would have a good chance of getting away.

Situations 2 & 3- I'm going to draw my gun.

Knowing that, what recommendations would you make to ensure the bag's security? (I should note that I will be licensed to carry concealed handguns before I ever use this, and have already received the necessary training and education. Also, I would prefer to avoid any pro-gun/anti-gun debates).


2 years ago

Head to a climbing shop. They usually have cord and webbing (flat strap material) in bulk, much more cut-resistant than regular nylon. Spectra, Dyneema and Kevlar are some of the brand-names (they each have advantages and disadvantages).

Not as tough as steel cable, but probably easier to work with...

You can buy luggage straps with a padlock.
They are made from
quite thick nylon straps that are already reinforced with stainless
steel wires to make them cut and theft proof.

I went and looked up a few on amazon. The only ones that I found that were cutproof were in the $50+ range. This is exactly the sort of thing that I'm looking for, but do you know of any less expensive ones? I may end up making something like this, but without the padlock (since it would be sewn on).

I don't know how yur straps are designed but some are like a tube that is stitched together on the sides.
If that is the case you can makea smal cut and insert a thin steel rope.
A ferule and good sized washer on each end should fix it.

I think that mine are like that. If I make it, I'll post an instructable and credit you.

Thank you so much!

That actually would work very well, but I'm hoping to find something that doesn't change the appearance of the bag too much. I want it to still look fairly normal.

However, I may look into this if I have trouble with a single steel cable.

You could cover it with another layer of cloth, but wouldn't looking cut-proof also cut down on attempts to cut it?

That would probably work. Looking cut-proof might dissuade from cutting, but it could also just as easily point out that the bag is carrying something valuable, so I'd rather not make it stand out. And by the way, this bag is going to be holding a (legal and licensed) concealed handgun, so I really don't want to stand out.