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Release agent for creating oogoo object with oogoo mold? Answered

Hey all,

I have a mold of a webcam which, due to steep undercuts, I made with oogoo.  Worked great!

Now I want to make a rubber duplicate off of that.  Only problem is silicone sticks to silicone like crazy!

First I tried a sample with cooking oil and also wd-40.  It still stuck.  I heard cooking spray is a no-go since it actually contains silicone.  In fact, they say that's what most cans of mold-release you buy are made out of.  Just cooking spray!  Interesting factoid, but doesn't solve today's problem.

A mold-making book I found at the library said something called "spray wax" is what you need.  After searching Amazon and Smooth-on plastics I wasn't able to find any mold release called that, so I just tried grabbing some cheap spray-on car wax from Walmart.  That's either not the same thing, or oogoo is too different from the official casting silicone that the book was talking about.

Anyway, I'm about out of clues now.  Anybody got any more tips?



A couple of coats of spray lacquer on the mold works extremely well.

After drying, the lacquer sticks just well enough to stay in place while the mold is filled, but flakes off when the two pieces are pulled apart.

It also works to cast epoxy, polyurethane, and other silicones.

What is spray lacquer? Like spray paint? Thank you

Maybe you need something for fine corinthian leather, a carnuba wax. Cheap stuff may be silicone oils. Maybe try dusting with some kind of powder like graphite or talcum powder?

Tried brazilian carnuba at the same time as the vasaline. It has done the best so far because the new layer actually came off. Just not easily enough to be usable. It was tough to pull apart and tore the mold in a few places.

Looks like back to the drawing board for me.
Thanks to you and QSDR for the ideas tho!


5 years ago

try using vaseline (petroleum jelly) its cheap as chips and you can apply it with a paintbrush, i use it with plaster molds, its works great.

Tried vasaline. Didn't help. Bummer.