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Remote Control Robots? Answered

According to this definition of Robot, are ROVs, anti-explosive robots, drones and other remote controlled robots still robots? How they classify as "intelligent" if they don't take decisions?


Robot it's any device that can interact with it's environment, you are surrounded by robots right now. Smart device's such as autonomous vehicles and image recognition cameras can be considered intelligent because they run on A.I. This means this do not empower the control on the humans but also empower the thought and such they reemplace control. P.S. automation also will destroy all jobs, doesn't matter the color of your collar

ok. I get carried away. Simply:

Robot - It's programable and cannot make an automated task like learning. It needs to be reprogrammed just like any computer software

A.I - Programs itself once has a learning algorithm on it. That usually feedbacks data and complex communication.