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Remote Control / Wireless DPDT switch on my truck?? Answered

I have a 12v diesel transfer pump that I use for veg oil collection. It is the very common Northern Industrial Diesel transfer pump:
I currently have it hard plumbed one end into the collection tank, and the other end obviously loose to allow for oil collection. I also hardwired it to the battery and grounded it to the frame. I removed the single SPST switch attached to the pump and replaced it with a polarity reversable DPDT switch. This is so after I am done collecting, I can void the contents of the pump and hoses back into the grease bin so as to avoid making a mess. I have also placed the switch on 7 foot leads so I don't have to drop the collection nozzle and go back to the pump to switch it off (Which invariably creates a mess.
However, all this wire is a mess to clean up and hard to store.
Can I use a DPDT relay or something and somehow make it wireless to a handheld remote? I know zip about RF, Bluetooth, IR, etc, please treat me like I'm dumb.


REALLY quick and dirty sollution, get a cheap RC car, take the speed control and a servo out...attach the servo arm to the end of your current switch (if it's a rocker switch you'll need to mount it horizontally above the switch and make a toggle mechanism)...when you actuate the RC remote...it will turn the servo...which will push/pull the switch into position

One trouble I'm having with the concept is - does the pump actually go in reverse? it looks to be an impeller pump which would 'suck' no matter which direction it spun...or am I crazy? Either way, a pair of spdt relays can act as dpdt...

May I ask, the pump then is powered on in one direction or the other, at all times? Or am I missing something?

The setup sounds like the hardwiring you've got just needs a tidy. You could do this with remotes, but you'd be replacing stuff you understand and can work with, with things that may be expensive and complicated. For what reason(s) do you want to change this - ease of use or tidiness? L

Both, really. I've found this:
which is a start. But the thing is only rated at 2 amps. So if I was to go this way, I would need to find a compatible 30 amp (the pump uses a 25a fuse) or so relay. Any ideas? Thanks for the reply.

Yes, but you'll still need to run power to it, which means wires. You can replace the switching but not the power supply? L

The pump body is mounted on the frame of the truck. I have power running to that and then out to the switch which I have on 7 feet of wire away from the pump body. This lets the switch be somewhat near the nozzle while I use it. I would like to transform the switch into a relay, move it back to the pump, and use a remote to control the relay. Is that any clearer? If not, I can try drawing a diagram and scanning it in. I've never been good at technical descriptions. Thanks again, Alex

Ah right, you need to be away from it when it turns on/off, I get it now. The product looks like it's straightforward, while the webpage is a bit thin on details I should think you'd have no trouble installing one. That looks like the thing, but you've got a heavy-pump which runs much more current. So you'd need to connect that switch to another relay something like these?


Sorry, My GF convinced me to go camping in the alleghenys for like 2 weeks. Anyways, I'm pretty dumb. I can't make heads or tails of any of those. What's a DPDT relay switch look like? The regular 6 poles plus 2 extra to power the relay? Those all look like vacuum tubes to me!

I made a diagram, the six terminals are two separate switches (three terminals each), the other two power the relay coil. L