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Remote Doggy Door? Answered

Not looking for an automatic door such as where the dog's RFID gives auto entry, but looking for a way to keep my dogs in my house when I leave via my car in the garage. Looking for some type of remote controlled thingamajig to keep their doggy door closed or secured while I'm in my car pulling out of the garage, and then once my garage door is closed give them access to the garage. Only a problem when I leave for the day, when I return at night they're so happy to see me they're not in a mood to go run off when the garage door opens.


Check out the recently launched Internet Your Thing via WiFi Kickstarter. We've created a geofence app that lets you define a location and actions to occur when you enter or leave the area. You could create an area around your house and an action to unlock the dog door when you leave. I did the opposite. I want to let the dog out of his kennel when we come home or in case of fire.

Did you ever figure out how to do this? I have the exact same problem. I have the rubber flap doggie doors so no metal part to 'lock'.

Look on the website petgadgets.com for a remote pet door opener product named "EasyOut"... you'll see some links there to videos you can watch of it in action. The initial product available next month will be for wire crates, but there will later be a version for rubber doggy flaps like you use on exterior doors. I am the inventor. I will be adding a video of the flap version to the petgadgets.com web site soon. In the mean time, there are also videos of it being used on plain doors and chain link kennels.

This sounds very interesting. Please keep me posted on your upgrade. I have the rubber flap doggie door, so don't know how this would work on it.


Actually, come to think of it, you could probably mount a microswitch on the garage door track so the magnet was turned off when that door closed. That way your existing garage door controller would serve double-duty. Not sure why you _want_ the dogs to have garage access when you're not there, but I presume you've got some good reason.

The reason for the access is that there are actually 2 doggie doors for them to access the back yard. They have to exit the back door into the garage, THEN exit another doggie door in the wall to get into the back yard. So to leave them access while I'm away, they must be able to go though both of them....thus when I come home and hit the garage door, they can run out of the house into the garage and OUT.

But this needs to have some way to have an 'arm' or something come across it so they can't get out of the rubber flap. It isn't a metal door with a magnet.

Thanks for everyone's comments. Just trying to keep my 'runner' home safe and sound.

Sounds like a simple solenoid/electromagnetic latch would handle the remote lock task. Up to you to come up with the radio control for it...