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Remote Internet Kill Switch? Answered

I'm looking for a device that would allow me to be able to cut connections to my ISP with a hard switch (located in a network closet of my home).  The switch would be one in which I can control form one of the PCs located on my home network. 

My current setup is a DSL modem/router to a network switch with 24 ports ran throughout my home.  I have three PCs on the network, two printers, and a couple of NAS.  I would like to have a switch that cuts the connection between my DSL modem and my ISP.  The switch would be access from any PC on the network.  The "internet kill switch" would connect to one of the ports of the network switch so that it could continue to be access from the network even when the ISP connection is disconnected.

Has anyone came across anything like this.



6 years ago

With most routers, you can turn off internet access through your browser. To find your router's IP go to: http://checkip.dyndns.org/

Copy your IP and put it in the web browser address line, and then log in. (You may need your manual if you don't know your password, or the interface). Then look for the option to shut down any incoming/outgoing internet connections.

You'll have to do this each time you want to turn off/on your internet access, but you'll still have LAN access this way.