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Remote button presser Answered

Hi :)

I will try make this short. I´m a taxi driver in Denmark and have a little problem.

When a customer calls for a cab I receive it on my screen and press a button to accept it. I have 10 sec to press accept and if i´m not sitting in the car then i take my remote receiver that makes a sound so i can jump in the car and press accept. Most of the time i don´t make it to the car because i only have 10 seconds. 

So i could really use a little thing to press the button for me. It could be something that reacts to the sound and clicks the button, or it could be an extra receiver/transmitter that i press manually. The button is almost like pressing a keyboard button and it doesn´t matter if it its pressed without me getting an order. 









= 12v male to voltage regulator to wirless switch to push solenoid.. You will need to build some kind of housing for the solenoid...

good luck

like this https://www.instructables.com/id/The-Automatic-Button-Pusher/ but without the alarm clock?

Are you allowd to open the device with the button and the buzzer?