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Remote computer restart switch. Answered

Hello geniuses. I have a computer setup at a remote location that is attached to a weather station that uploads data. Occasionally it will freeze up and won't report. I can't access the computer remotly by computer to restart it because of firewalls and whatnot. What I'm looking for is a switch that will once a day reboot the computer by actually pushing the reset button. In my company crapper there is an air freshener that juices the room every 45 minutes so I know switches like that exist. Is there a simple solution or do I steal the air freshener and hot wire it to the computer and have it restart every 45 minutes? Any help is greatly appreciated. A.


you know what.. heres a thought. Take a look at VMWare. http://www.vmware.com/

It will allow you to run your OS in a "virtual" machine. Pretty spectacular stuff.

What this means is that you can run a copy of Windows inside another copy of Windows. Then, you run your monitoring software inside the session. If it freezes, you can just reset the session without having to restart the core Windows session. You could also have a script running that restarts the VM session once a day.

I know it's not as fancy as a timer circuit that trips the reset button, but it will be far more gentile on your windows install to do it this way.

The VMWare Player is free for personal use. You can search around and find instructions on creating VM images for free. There are actualy quite a few Linux distrobutions that are available as VM sessions now. you could ruin multiple operating systems on one computer without having to reboot in between.

That's a great idea! Hopefully the machine has enough resources to run two copies of the OS :P

write a text file on the PC that contains the text below:

shutdown -r -f -t 00

save the file...and change the extension to .bat
now use the windows task scheduler to schedule the .bat file to run once a day...

now if you have to type a username and password to log in...check out http://www.microsoft.com/technet/sysinternals/default.mspx and look for "autologon"

Number one... You don't want to reset the computer unless there's no alternative. Yes. The idea of using a timer switch to reset the power once a day is a good one. Setup the computer to shut itself down prior to that time though and start after the power reset. This way no damage is done when the power resets. It would be much, much better to find out what is causing the freezes and eliminate the cause.

Yeah. I think I need to just get rid of the weather reporting software. Too many bugs I think but I really like what it reports when it does work. I had a software program installed that would restart it daily only once the weather software locks up that computer, that doesn't work. So I guess I'll just get rid of that software and find something else that is more stable. Bummer. I was looking at even tearing apart a motorized timed dog feeder to hit the reset button, but actually the easiest way is to probably just get rid of the software that's causing the problem. Thanks for the replies.

I can't remember the name of it... but I used to have software that would do just this.... It would shut down or restart or log off on a set schedule or time. I used it to turn off the machine every night (when no one was using it :P).