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Remote control Sensor? Answered

Hey I am doing A2 level engineering at college and for my coursework i have upgraded my last years project which is a remote control hovercraft i have upgraded my motors and layout etc etc but we require more electronics this year. i an wanting to know how i could possibly mount 2 sensors at the front so that i can make the hovercraft run by itself and if it approaches an object it turns away from it. i would like that to be a sub system itself so i can turn it on and off for when i want to use the remote control. how can i do this? thanks


if i was to use the first one how would i implement it, as the turning is on a servo and needs left and right controls. i was thinking a sensor on either side of the hovercraft,

Well there are two ways I can see that would be relatively easy to implement. One would be an ultrasonic setup. this is prob the most accurate in terms of gaging distance.
Something like this:

The other option would be an infra-red setup with an emitter and detector. This would be easier to implement, but would be less accurate, and could possibly be fooled if there are any ambient sources of light nearby.
Like this: