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Remote control light for bicycle Answered

Here's the scenario and idea.

Scenario: MY friends and I have taken up biking, however sometimes we get a little far from each other. My concern is that if one of us blows a tire or something like a chain falls off happens, there is no way to alert whoever is in front to stop. I've tried screaming but only look like a fool to anyone's house we ride by lol.

My solution. I would like to build a remote light kit. I would like to have box with a small button (box size hopefully no bigger than 2x2 in) that could send a signal to another box on my friends bike that has a light attached to it so when I press the button (on my box) the light in the box on his bike lights up (therefore signaling him to stop).

I know nothing about remote control electronics, as far as I can figure I need some form of transmitter and receiver. Hopefully able to run off of a triple a battery or one of those CR2032 watch batteries. I would need it to be able to send the signal maybe 100 feet (but if it can go further that would be welcome)

I'm hoping maybe someone has experience with such items and might be able to suggest something... ANY help would be greatly appreciated.


try walkie talkie attach a led to the buzzer

This may not be exactly what you are looking for but it is in the same vein. I use a remote to activate lights on my bike, they could be used as a warning if the rider is in trouble. They can be set to flash red, as an example.


Thank you for the info. I had an idea... What if I were to get my hands on a micro rc car and rip it apart. Could I put a toggle switch on the transmitter and an led on the receiver do you think?

I've seen micro rc car's for $8 so money wise if possible it would at least be affordable.


That is a great idea actually. Just a matter of replacing the motor with an LED and resistor and your all set.

Thanks :o)

So only other thing I guess would be what's a resistor and how do I know which to get/put on?

A resistor limits the current. LEDs will draw current until they fail so they have to have a resistor on them. It will all depend on how much voltage the motor gets.

Trying to build your own wireless device like this gets rather complicated. I guess you can do it with a pair of Arduinos and Xbees. But for that price you guys could have a pair of 2 way radios with headsets. Then you guys ca have a nice conversation as you ride.