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Remote control reciver help? Answered

I need to replace a part from a remote control areoplane. The part number is 06N03LZ and I cant find anywhere where I can buy one. Does anyone know a online store with the part listed and can they give me a link? Thanks. (it looks like the same one in picture but I cant tell because it is in another language.)


Follow this link, scroll down to distributor's inventory, select your country, and buy one. The first one listed has them for $1.70.

They all say 'IPB IPI IPP........' before 06N03LZ whats the diffrence because my part number doesn't say IPI..... before the start.

Sorry, the site went down right as I was writing my response...

After a bit of research, I found you need the IPD one. Those first letters determine the layout of pins on a chip that does the same thing. Here's the datasheet that shows it.

The distributors in the link I previously posted are all digi-tech. It's a reputable dealer, so don't worry. The three they have for selection are all the same, the only difference is how they're packaged. Go with the basic middle one, it's only $1.82 (Link).

Hope that helps

Sorry I don't know my way around silicon chips very well. On the link it says IPD06N03LA......... instead of ...LZ on the end. Will this still work for my reciver?

If you compare the datasheets of the two, they are the same except for minute design details. I would wager it could still serve the same purpose. If not, here's a site where you have to get a quote from the dealer. (Typically for large quantities. I'm sure you could work out a deal for one though.) Just search for IPD06N03LZ.