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Remote electric detonator with multiple detonation buttons? Answered

I have seen some diy electrical detonators but i kinda need one that has a way of detonating multiple rockets at different times, its hard to explain ...can anyone help?

This is kinda what i was talking about...



You say the box pictured in that video is "kinda what [you are] talking about", which maybe means it is not exactly what you are looking for. 

Fortunately you picked a very popular topic here at Instructables(r).  As you can see in the related panel on the right -------------------->
there are several instructables on the topic little boxes with buttons, intended for driving electrical ignitors. So perhaps you can look through those and find what you are looking for.

I claim the basic trick to all of these boxes, is switches and buttons wired in series, so that all the switches for a particular circuit must be closed, like AND logic,  in order to send current unto an ignitor.

The wiring inside the box shown in that video looks very clear to me, and if it is not clear to you,  I think I could draw you a diagram of it upon request. Just reply to this post if you want that.

By the way, that's a sweet reggae track accompanying that video.  Usually the music people attach to their YT videos is lame and unnecessary, and distracting from the topic of the video.  But for some reason I kinda liked the music for this one. So thanks.

Thanks a diagram would really help, could you please make one? I appriciate it.

I am primarily looking for one that has both the safety switch (main switch) and secondary safety, which would be the one that must be held to ignite the sparks. Because i realized that every ignitor has the first switch which must be flipped to turn on the ignitor but never could figure out the one that had to be held to actually ignite.