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Remotely controller beeping device Answered

I'm a real Noob to this electronics thing (but I find it fascinating..). Anyway, I want to try to build a device that beeps. The duration  of the beep is fixed, but the frequency and pitch should be variable, depending on user input. The whole device should be as small as possible and water proof.
I would prefer to be able to control the beep frequency and pitch remotely - perhaps from a mobile phone or from something like a remote controller. The beeping unit should be kept simple as possible.
Any ideas on how I can achieve this?

Thanks, Yossi


It wouldn't be overly difficult to alter Think Geek's Annoy-a-tron to operate remotely. They have two flavors of annoyance to choose from IIRC

Here are some things you could look into to help:
-a 555 timer (which can make your 'beeper' beep)
-potentiometers (which are like knobs that can control how fast or how high pitch your beeper is)
-IR LEDs and phototransistors (LEDs are little lights that emit so little light that humans can't see the light. Phototransistors are like detectors that detect light. You can look into this for more info. here: https://www.instructables.com/id/IR-Detector/#step1

Look into 555 timers. As far as making it remote control that ups the difficulty and can't more then double the size of the circuit.