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Removable Mortar and Pestle help needed Answered

I would like to make an Alchemy Table (before I lose your attention please lemme explain) that has a removable Mortar and Pestle in the center. 

I am planning either to have a removable M&P or have one just built in (carved). I would prefer the first option. I have thought of just creating a hole with a slight bevel to keep it secure but I need help on how to know how big to make the hole. 

If I can't get that done and need to make it built in then I would like to know how to make it structurally stable so it doesn't collapse under heavy grinding.

(side note on the alchemy part: I am only an Alchemical Apprentice so I'm not ready to transmute anything yet. I'm only interested in it for medicinal purposes. This is going to be a summer project so I have some time to make sure I understand the principles or the practice.)


Mortars come in all shapes and sizes. What size you choose should be based on the kind of ingredients you'll need to grind.

Why not buy a mortar and pestle set?


It's your project. You should be the one to decide "how big" to make it, right?

Lemm rephrase, my problem isn't how big the hole should be, it's how I can accurately measure out the hole for the M&P. I'll work on some graphics to explain. Maybe those will clear it up.

How big is the mortar? How far inset into the table to you want it?

Take an approximate measurement of the outside of the Mortar you want to use. Take a piece of cardboard and cut that size of a hole. Test fit your mortar and cut more till you have it where you want. Now you have a template to go off of for an accurate cut into your table.