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Remove an Instructable from a Contest? Answered

I seem to have accidentally added one of my instructables to a contest. Can't seem to figure out how to remove it. I see a place where I can add more contests but nothing to remove.


Relax - you might win something. If the 'ible is utterly wrong for the contest, you won't win anything, but you won't be punished, either.

True, but it would also be nice to have a tagging option so that if enough people thought a particular instructable has nothing to do with a contest (like I feel about many in the Robotics contest) it could essentially be "flagged out" similar to like craigslist... in other words, -1. :)

We have reliable people at the business end of the contests - any irrelevant entries are simply not counted.

However, maybe if the general "flag" button popped up a space to explain why it is flagged, then "not eligible for the contest" could easily be typed in.

That would be fine, and the author could even try to defend why it should stay if they like. My reason for even bringing it up is from going through contests to see which ones to vote for... having a bunch of unrelated clutter makes it harder to give proper attention to the ones that deserve to be reviewed. I'm not complaining, I love the site, and am just trying to take a proactive approach to make it even better.

Not a problem - maybe try sending a suggestion by Private Message to one of the site team (on the about page).

So there is no way? I made an Instructable and I want to delete it but I can't because it is entered in the travel tips contest.

Try editing the 'ible (the fridge one?) and when you get to the end, don't tick the contest box, or PM Fungusamungus and ask him to remove it from the contest.