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Remove axles from jogging stroller wheels? Answered

I have a pair of twenty inch wheels from a jogging stroller with "sealed" bearings that I would like to remove the axles from. I've loosened or removed all of the nuts including the locking nuts from both sides but the axles are still firmly seated/connected to something inside. They came from the frame/carcass of a stroller similar to this, but they are not the quick release.



3 years ago

The pictures are of both sides of one wheel. The one showing two nuts is the side that was connected to the bar end by a "normal" depth nut. Both sides had the skinny locking nuts snugged up to the wheel. The outer side had a "normal" thickness nut as well. The axle sticks out more on the side that secures to the bar end.

This picture gives a better idea of what they were secured to.


Reply 3 years ago

Ahh, that is better :)
What you got is a press fitting for the bearings.
There is a spacer between them to prevent damage but when the nuts are tightened at least the inner bearing is pressed onto a slightly bigger part of the axle.
I had similar things on my kite buggy :(
There are two proven methods of dealing with it:
A) Put the axle into something secure, like a vice, make sure the vice is just open enough to allow free movement of the axle.
To prevent damage you can add a piece of wood between vice and the axle part that holds the spokes.
Place the nut or better a dome nut on the axle and use a hammer to tap it.
In most cases the baering will pop out now.
It helps if you have someone pulling on the axle so it won't bounce up.

B) Use a bearing puller.
As the part holding the spokes can be quite fragile you should watch the area careful for starting deformations.
Having a big puller with deep claws helps as you can put the pressure closer to the axle.
If it won't budge give the axle a slight tap with the hammer and try again with the puller.

Last hope but not recommended due to safety concerns:
Only use if you know the safety procedure for highly flammable gas in huge quantities!
You will need a propane gas cylinder without a pressure regulator and a thin hose attached to it.
Warm the entire axle area with a hair dryer, if you use a heat gun make sure not to overheat!
You want to get around the 100°C mark.
Now turn the gas cylinder upside down and let the liquid gas run only over the axle itself - not over the bearings other things, so keep it slightly tilted down ;)
Once you see ice forming on the axle tap it with a hammer and it should pop straight out.
Of course you need to cool both ends of the axle for this to work and you need to be fast as you don't wat the bearings to cool too quick.


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Thanks for these helpful hints! I was able to get the axle out of the bike wheel!


3 years ago

I'm trying to get the axle out. The bearings on one wheel seem to roll OK but are a little "crunchy" so am not all that worried about preserving them. I was thinking of using them on pedal axles on an iLean trike kind of contraption.


3 years ago

I only encountered two locking variations on these things.
a) A spring lock on the inside.
b) A spring lock between the bearings.
B) Is a pain and usually results in damage.
A) Can be fixed with a small screwdriver to release the locking spring.
But as Seamster pointed out a detailed image would really help here.
If there is nothing on the back and just the nuts on the front I suggest to use a bearing puller on the wheel.
The little hole in the axles suggests a press fitting and if that's the case a puller will do the removal quite easy.


3 years ago

OK, these actually came out pretty good considering they are webcam snaps. The stroller itself doesn't have what I would call an axle but just a horizontal bar with the ends bent up and a hole drilled in each bent up end/tab that these were connected to.

Picture 002.jpgPicture 001.jpg