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Remove labels? Answered

I have two different plastic tubs, one diaper wipe and other oxyclean.  I am wanting to reuse them but they do not have the old paper labels that I can get off.  So, how do I get the melted on or heated on labels off of these tubs?  Please advise?




5 years ago

Assuming that you've got a plastic label and not paint....
1) I'd try filling them with hot water, waiting a bit, and seeing if I could peel the label off.
2) If there is sticky goo left, I'd try vegetable oil on cotton rubbed over it. (cotton grabs stuff rather than just mushing it around like a paper towel)
3) If that didn't work, I'd try a q-tip dipped in mineral spirits on the bottom or someplace that won't show - too make sure the plastic can take it. If it can, I'd use the mineral spirits with cotton on any goo.
4) Depending on the plastic, nail polish remover (acetone) may work, but it may also melt the plastic.
If it's painted directly on the container, scraping/sanding or prepping and over-painting is the way to go.


5 years ago

Acetone is pretty effective at removing some printed-on labels from plastic. Before starting, test a small area to ensure it doesn't mar the plastic.
Tear a paper towel in half and saturate it with acetone and vigorously scrub at the label. It may take two or three times to completely remove the ink.
Do this in a well ventilated area away from flames or excessive heat.

Thanks. I'll give it a try.

Those are printed directly onto the container. If you want them off you will have to scrape or sand them off. The better option would be to give the surface a light sanding and use a good spray paint made for plastic to cover up the labels.

Rustolium and Krylon have some good spray paints for this sort of thing.

+1 Just spray paint over the impregnated labels.