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Remove scratches in desk? Answered

A few years ago I got my first x-acto knife. Of course, me being 12 years old I started cutting without thinking of consequences. Now My desk is all scratched up...

There are also some Ferric chloride stains on the desk and I may have spilled some superglue on it, too.

My desk is made of wood and has a shiny white layer over it, picture's down there

Now here is my question:

Is it possible to remove the scratches? By painting it or putting a layer of x over it? If not, how can I get the scratches to be less noticable? And how do I remove superglue and Fe(III)Cl stains?



Best Answer 6 years ago

Or just go to Home Depot or the equivalent where you live and buy a piece of Formica and a can of contact cement and recover your desk top. This is by far the less work.


This is probably the quickest and most surefire way to fix your desk. Look for Formica, laminate or Melamine. There may even be some plastic sheeting or even heavy plasticised wall paper (known as wipeable) that may work. Just be sure to prep the surface correctly and use the correct adhesive. If you are unsure, talk to an associate at the store and they should be able to point you in the right direction.


**That, and buy a cutting mat as rickharris said.


4 years ago

i had similar desk, i replaced the top with marine ply, now i occasionally sand it with fine fine paper ,180 to 2500 grit. i also fill any drill holes and saw slips with epoxy or car body filler.

It looks like laminated-particle-board.
You might be able to abrade & polish the finish, but you'd do better to just cover it with something.
How about decorating what you have and putting a sheet of glass on top?


Visit the local scrap-yard, get a lid off an old chest-freezer.

Strip out the insulation, leaving a sheet of white-painted steel, re-cover the desk in steel, giving you a new desk you can write on in dry-wipe markers, and hold things down with magnets.

Don't forget to take pictures as you do, and post it as an instructable.


Best idea is to recover the desk (and buy a cutting mat) The scratches are likely to be cuts through the plastic layer

Dilute sulphuric shifts Ferric Chloride. Dilute sulphuric can be found in a car battery....

Paint stripper will take off superglue.
Scratches can be rubbed out with abrasive, and then you can repaint the surface with a "plastic paint"