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Removeable Magazine for dj radios Knex AR-4 Commando V-3 Answered

My removable magazine for dj radios AR-4 Commando V-3
-holds 7 yellow rods compared to the usual 5
-ammo doesn't fall out when you have it in your pocket or you for some reason shake it vigorously
-none that I can see
comment and say whether I should post


I assume that changing the magazine is faster than reloading it? Because it sure took you a while....

I used his hopper as a fixed hopper, and I get 2 extra shots.

Ok, but say you had 4 of his hoppers (loaded). Would loading them and shooting them being faster than having 24 rod and loading them 7 by 7 into the hopper?

why the heck hasnt anyone else said anything about this?

i dunno i would have thought someone else would have seen it in the forums

wow, I like the mods. that looks genius, and I think you can still put ammo in the mag before you empty it.