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Removing a white heat scar on fine furniture veneer? Answered

E-How describes several methods, but I'm reluctant to try any of them for fear of making the scar worse.

Does anyone have a successstory they'd like to share? 

Much appreciated!!!!


I know three methods depending on the wood, age, stain, and lacquer.

The first one flyingpuppy showed you and it works.

The second method is rub petroleum jelly in the wood this works also.

The third is to mix wax, lacquer, oil together and rub it in with a fine brillo pad and sometimes add a little wood stain. This works on antiques but you half to customize the mix to every piece of furniture you work with.

IF the surface has been French polished wipe with a cloth soaked in Methylated spirits (or rubbing alcohol) - NOTE on antiques do this at your own risk.

If the piece is valuable I would get an expert to look at it.

Not sure about a heat scar, but if it's a white water scar, you can put a lightly damp pillowcase on it and iron it with a hot iron (always moving the iron) as I did here:

Wipe with a very thin oil, like sewing machine oil has worked for me.