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Removing and capping a wall lamp with live wires Answered

 i just removed two wall lamps that were hot wired directly into the wall.  I capped the two wires, put a plate over the box, and then filled in the indentation.  Is this an acceptable way to do this, or should I have disabled the hot wire?



8 years ago

Its not acceptable in the U.S. according to the National Electric Code.  The code requires that all J-Boxes be accessible without damaging the building finish. You can put a blank cover plate over the box or kill the circuit if you want to patch the hole.  Disconnect the wire from the power source, cut  the wires from the box and remove the box, but  never hide a hot J-Box.

Good, that matches our regs too. Thanks.

AS 3000 Australian wiring rules, exactly as Burf says.

Not in my book. I can't recall what NEC says (assuming you're here in the US for a sec), so I can't say authoritatively. At least you did what many don't and applied a plate over the box. I'd hate to be the poor sot who, a few years from now unknowingly drives a nail into the wiring and kills him/herself. Best method would be to pull the wires at the breaker, but as I said, I can't recall what the authorities say on the matter (and I no longer have access to an NEC to advise you.)

Unless someone pops up with the quoted reference from your local governing docs, you might find it at the public library.

Best wishes

I reckon that a code that admits wire-nuts can admit anything. Here, a crack team of electric ninjas will hunt down and brutally assault wire nut users.


In the UK, the IEE regs forbid it. In the USA, not sure. Certainly the only truly safe method is to isolate it properly - YOU know there is a hot there, no-one else does.