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Removing design from class ring? Answered

I feel ridiculous wearing my high school class ring. Has anyone removed the design from theirs and if so, any tips for minimizing the marking from the sanding/grinding?


If you know the company who made your ring, most for a price will change it. If it is 10K or 14K I would suggest selling it, as right now gold prices are very high. You can buy a ring you like better with the money. If you are really set on keeping the ring, a jeweler is your best bet, but keep in mind if it's a plain jane class ring, the stone is glass and the metal is basically pot metal with no real value other than sentiment.

Or you could simply sell it off (as metal if nothing else) and use the proceeds as a starting point for buying something you prefer.

You could just not wear the ring

Take the ring to a custom jeweler, have them melt it down and make you a custom ring. When you supply the gold it's pretty reasonable to get something unique.

Best answer if you want to turn it into something you'll want to wear without wasting expensive metal.