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Removing the pulley on a Dunlap 103-0602 lathe? Answered

I've got an old Dunlap 103-0602 wood lathe (http://vintagemachinery.org/photoindex/detail.aspx?id=9331 - not my post but that's what I have), but the measurements for the pulley seem very strange and irregular.  Anybody know of a 4-step pulley with 2-3/4", 2-1/4", 1-3/8", and 15/16" steps?

It's 2.5" wide total on a 5/8" arbor, which are easy to find on McMaster Carr and the like, but those measurements aren't evenly spaced or findable anywhere I've looked online so far.

So, first question is does anybody know where I can find a pulley like that?  And if not, anybody know a way to easily get the pulley off the arbor?

It's pretty old and gunked up - some WD-40 loosened up the bearing like butter, but no such luck on the pulley itself, squirting through the set-screw holes.  I've got a motor and everything, I'd love to make this usable, but need some advice.  Got any?


So I didn't comment earlier because your question is rather cryptic. If you want to remove the pulley, it's generally held on by either a set screw or a reverse-threaded nut on the end. It could also be held on with a spring clip over a keyed shaft.

What exactly is seized? the pully should be fixed on the shaft, if it freewheeled it would be no good to you.

It was fixed with two set screws. I took those off and have been slowly getting it to slide down the arbor, toward coming off on one end. But it's pretty hard to move, and it feels stuck. So I was wondering if anyone had recommendations for taking it off the arbor.

The arbor isn't perfectly round, it's got a flat face on it, probably for the set screws to grab better. Would the inside of the pulley be that same D shape, or would it be round, leaving a little wiggle room for removing the pulley?

My other question was about the pulley sizes, because I didn't think mine was a standard size. As I replied earlier, I think I mis-measured, and found a pulley that should work with this one, so maybe I won't have to take it off, and just won't get to clean up the arbor and pulley separately as part of cleaning up the whole machine. It's on minor hold until I get that part in a few days and can compare the two.

a gear puller maybe? (pulls evenly on both sides so as to not stress the connection)

could just be gunked really really good on there with years of crud. Lots of grease.

Hmm. If that's the case, any recommendations on getting un-gunked? Something that'll eat away the grease or something, just so I can clean the thing out?

Check your local hardware store, I can't recommend any specific product but look for 'penetrating' oil, designed to clean and degunk, not necessarily lubricate. WD40 is good for unseizing things, but not as a lubricant, etc.

Umm... I might have made a mistake. If the outside diameter of a pulley is not the groove the belt sits in but the ridges on the sides of that groove (as shown here http://i.imgur.com/yU5ls3i.gif?1), then I was measuring the wrong spot. If I measure those ridges, I get a much more standard 2, 2-1/2, 3-3/8, and 4.

Would a 3-3/8" pulley link up ok to a 3-1/2" or no?