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Removing toner? Answered

When trying to make a pcb I messed up on the toner transfer... I have grayish traces on the pcb, and some of them didnt even transfer.  I know you can supposedly get toner off with lacquer thinner, but i couldnt find any. Will paint thinner work? The pcb is fine, it has some white paper on it though too.. I have acetone too :)
Also, when ironing with photo paper, something melted and is all over the iron. Is this potentially hazardous? Probably not good to breath in.. Any ideas on how to clean that off and to prevent it from happening? 


Proper acetone should work fine.


i have acetone, i tried it a bit but I am not sure i did it long or hard enough.. also, any ideas about the iron?

it also has been sitting out for a while now.. .bout a week... is it still useable?

If you've any left after a week, given how volatile it is, I doubt its acetone ;-) Try the acetone on the iron too.

Oh, :) I meant the board.. Is it ok for the iron? i think the bottom is metal... wont this ruin the finish or something? dont know much about acetone :) i was thinking clean it with a wet cloth when hot... dont know how safe that is

If the iron metal is nice and shiny, acetone will clean it fine.

i just tried an SOS pad... worked pretty fine, left a little residue but i think that wont be enough for resist... but in my cleanings of the board the edges are still a little fuzzy, not all shiny like the rest of the board... this ok? good thing i messed up, found a flaw in my design anyway :)