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Renewable Energy Answered

I'd like some instructables on roll-your-own renewable/green energy. For example, things like "how to make your own solar cell", or "build your own geothermal power plant". Thanks


I actualy tried that like a year ago with no success (my heat source at that time was a butane canister). I have a small electric "fifth burner" now, so I might try it again.

It has to be an electric stove, so you get flame-free heat, otherwise the copper doesn't oxidise properly - the flame robs the air immediately around the copper of oxygen.

OK good, now I know it will work next time I try it.

Building your own geothermal power plant actually sounds reasonable if you're located in the right part of the country. Certains parts of Montana and Wyoming are just waiting for personal heat wells. I belive I could post a "Hyposthosisible" detailing what you'd have to do to try it. The solar cells are definitely out of a hobbyist's league, since the ones efficient enough to bother about are very touchy to make even in high-tech labs, and require ingredients that one does not find in raw form at the Wal-Mart. Although I wish they did. If someone knows how to make a solar cell that, although inefficient or costly, would be within the backyard hobbyist's realm? That would be cool.

that's a little too complex for most people, and really not worth the money when you can buy a solar cell much cheaper than make one. If you're just looking for information on how they work, you can try the howstuffworks article on it.