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Repackaging digital camera in old film camera body.? Answered

I know why ?  Old film cameras are just cooler looking and maybe just the novelty of it to make people wonder.  ( I know it has been done commercially.)  Ok what type of problems will i have with the lens and focusing.  I know I will have to have the shutter stuck open ( or removed)   Will the digital camera part be able to focus after the light passes through the older lens.  What other problems will I need to address reference focusing the digital camera?


How about that? https://www.instructables.com/id/The-Steampunkers-Zenobiaflex-One/

Look at your (digital) CCD, look at the film. If you picture silcon as film you'll be able to work-out what to do.
After that it's things like exposure shutters etc.


Are you talking about placement inside the film camera, in reference to the focal length? Replace film with CCD at the same distance ?

Yes you could replace film with the CCD, but you might have to move it closer to the lens. Otherwise you're fiddling with other lenses.


Found my donor camera it is a Polaroid Land Camera model 80, looks like there is tons of room inside to work. Don't know what the other camera will be yet thinking a disposable digital maybe for the test run.


Big film-format, you'll need to pull the lens in.


It would really just depend on the two cameras chosen. Your real issue will just be focal length as you are talking about. You could also gut the old lens so that the digital camera isn't effected, but you won't have quite the same look. No matter what you decide to do, you should definitely document it for an instructable.

I just bought my donor camera it is a Polariod Land Camera ( model 80 i think). I can't wait to tear into both cameras. Not sure what the other donor is going to be yet, first run might be one of those disposable digital cameras