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Repair damaged laptop power plug Answered

I have this damaged laptop (HP) power plug - I think my dad closed the car door with it sticking out.
When I connect it to the power jack the computer starts up but then the power drops.

Can you think of a reason why?

The power jack seems to be fine. The computer starts up perfectly with a different HP power unit.
I haven't checked it with a multimeter yet.
I tried to use thick aluminum foil around the damaged part but it didn't work.

With no replacement HP power plug is my only option to replace both the plug and the jack with some other male-female power plugs?


You'll need to replace your power jack to avoid accident and also if your looking for a less costly product without sacrificing the quality of the products. Visit laptopaid.com

Thanks for the comment and link. I'm still figuring out what to do since I'm not in a hurry...

not to spam but i had a similar problem with my hp laptop. I had to buy a replacement. But instead of the $70 replacement i got a $10 one online. It worked fine.
But you will need a replacement. There is enough juice in there to arc and eventually start a fire.
check amazon and read the reviews before purchasing

Thanks !
The thought has crossed my mind.. though it's not very challanging ;)
I found the whole adaptor for 25$.
I found two BNC male-famale jacks and thought of using them...

I agree with Kiteman, you need the jack replaced, for either it is overheating because of the angle or the "crimp" is causing a bit of a short and although it may allow it to boot up, it would eventually overheat.

I think the angled tip is making such a small connection, it heats up with use. That will cause you a connection problem.

You need a new jack.