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Repair on a Russian Belarus farm tractor? Answered

Sirs, In 1990 we purchased a new Belarus tractor, made in Russian.  It came equipped with a large front-end loader and really for the most part it has been an economical, dependable tractor.  It has one small flaw, it doesn't like to start in cold weather, hard to believe they use these tractors in Russia.  Anyway my husband solved that problem by installing both a block heater which heats the water & an oil pan heater which of course heats the oil.  Only thing necessary is to either keep it plugged in all the time or plan ahead and plug it in the night before.  Now for my question, the seals on the arms which raise & lower the loader bucket and the ones that tilt the loader bucket are leaking hydraulic fluid.  Can anyone help us in changing the seals.  We ordered and received the necessary parts, but would like help with specific, very detailed step by step instructions to perform the repair.  It is our understanding the repair can be difficult if one is not careful in removing the end caps that hold the hydraulic cylinders.  Also the cylinder caps are external ones & the diameter is 40 mm.  Any and all assistance will be GREATLY appreciated.  Thanks so much, Debra Kay


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3 years ago

Hi Debra,

If you are still having issues with your tractor, please feel free to contact us at MTZ Equipment Ltd. (Tel.: 1-855-2GO-4MTZ) - http://www.mtzequipment.com/

We are the official distributor of the Belarus tractor plant in USA & Canada and would be happy to address all your concerns.

Manuals for many older models are available on the website in the Support section, and you can always ask a question on our forum (http://www.mtztractortalk.com).



I see these all the time and they all use balankets to cover the grill and engine cowling to help hold the heat.
A service manual is always a good start on any repairs.

Hi from Russia! Here a few links for you, so you can search a bit information there.

Also, you can ask help on russian tractor forum.

Hope it will help.

Photos of the parts and locations would be very useful.

(Have you not gotten a workshop manual for the tractor?)

The company website has some manuals you can download: